AALEP Chair Christian D. de Fouloy met on 20 June 2011 with Dr. Salwa Fawzia El-Deghali, a distinguished Member of the Libyan Transitional National Council (TNC) within the framework of a workshop held at the European Parliament on the 'Role of Women in the Democratisation Process in Arab Countries' organised by the Committee for Women Rights and Gender Equality, the Committee on Foreign Affairs, the Committee on Development and the Subcommittee on Human Rights and the Delegation for the relations with the Maghreb countries of the European Parliament.

Dr. El-Deghali has a PhD in constitutional law and previously taught at the Academy of Graduate Studies in Benghazy. As a member of the TNC, Dr. El-Deghali is responsible for Legal Affairs and heads the Legal Advisory Committee. She also represents women. Her current work involves the consideration of post-revolution matters e.g. gathering evidence on Kadhafi's regime crimes and working closely with the Tribunal Court; gathering evidence on the use of mercenaries and prisoners and the coordination of activities with NGOs and participating in the drawing of bills and legal texts towards the establishment of a Constitution.

The workshop in the European Parliament comprised two panels. The first panel looked into the presence of women in the recent popular uprisings, women participation in the management of democratic transition, and possible initiatives to be set out to ensure women political representation in the context of new Constitutions. The second panel discussed women empowerment in the economy and their participation in human development reforms.

There is no question that Dr. El-Deghali is making an immense contribution for the future of a democratic Libya and women in the Arab world in general are to be complimented for their pro-active initiatives.


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