1. 1 million Afghans were killed by Soviets between 1979 an 1989.
  2. The Soviets lost 13,310 soldiers and had 35,478 wounded
  3. Since 2001, at least 47,245 civilians have been killed in the war
  4. The Afghan military and police are estimated to have lost between 66,000 and 69, 000 soldiers
  5. 2.7 million Afghans have fled abroad mostly to Iran, Pakistan and Europe. . Another 4 million are displaced within the country.
  6. The number of rebels, including Taliban fighters killed is estimated to be 84, 191
  7. In the past decade alone, 7,792 children were killed and 18,662 injured. Many of the wounded children have lost limbs to improvised road side bombs and air attacks
  8. 2,442 U.S. troops have been killed and 20,666 wounded in the war since 2001 and it’s estimated that over 3,800 U.S. private security contractors have been killed.
  9. Since 2010 3,000 Afghan women have been killed and 7,000 injured
  10. The conflict also has killed 1,144 personnel from the 40-nation NATO coalition that trained Afghan forces over the years.

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