As Easter approaches, I thought it would be interesting to consider the biblical accounts of lobbying. Indeed there are numerous biblical accounts of lobbying in the Bible, many with successful results. Joseph lobbied Egyptian authorities on several matters relating to the people of Israel . Moses and his associates lobbied hard in the attempt to convince Pharaoh that the Egyptian government should let his people go. Daniel and his friends lobbied Babylonian officials concerning special privileges relating to diet and lifestyle . Esther lobbied King Xerxes to the point of risking her life to bring relief to her people . Haman, of course, lobbied hard and with ulterior motives to bring about changes in the legislation governing religious practices . Many prophets in the Old Testament lobbied kings and emperors for an array of causes, usually involving issues of public justice or private lifestyle. In the New Testament we read that a crowd lobbied persistently for the release of Barabbas and the crucifixion of Jesus . The mother of James and John lobbied the King of kings about positions of privilege for her sons . Subsequently they also lobbied for themselves . Gamaliel lobbied with others in the Sanhedrin about being very careful how they treated Peter and the other apostles . Paul lobbied the authorities for fair and reasonable treatment after they had mistreated him . Certain Jewish leaders lobbied Festus to have Paul transferred to Jerusalem . One could even say that John the Baptist lobbied King Herod about his marital misbehavior . In addition to the aforementioned biblical examples of lobbying, there are passages in the New Testament that clearly mandate lobbying as a legitimate part of the political process. Wishing you all a Happy Easter regardless of your religious persuasion (or lack thereof) !        

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