Major stakeholder associations

  1. Airports Council International (ACI) Europe
  2. Airport Services Association (ASA)
  3. Airlines for Europe (4AE)
  4. European Regions Airline Association (ERA)
  5. Airline Catering Association (ACA)
  6. European Travel Agents’ and Tour Operators’ Associations (ECTAA)
  7. European Travel Retail Confederation (ETRC)
  8. EU Travel Tech (EUTT).

European Union

Europe has suffered a 90 percent collapse in air traffic, with its largest airport, London Heathrow, reporting just 3 percent of normal passenger numbers. Lufthansa and Ryanair are currently operating 1 percent of their fleet.

Prior to COVID-19, the aviation sector in the European Union directly employed two million people in the following sub-sectors:

  1. Airlines: 371,300 (18.8% of the total): Flight crew, check-in staff, maintenance crew, or head office staff
  2. Airport operators: 122,800 (6.2%): Airport management, maintenance, and security;
  3. Other on site business at airports: 1.2 million (59.2%): retail outlets, restaurants, and hotels;
  4. Civil aerospace: 267,900 (13.6%):  manufacture of civil aircraft (including systems, components, airframes, and engines);
  5. Air navigation service providers: 43,700 (2.2%): air traffic control and engineering.

In addition, wage payments to staff – by the aviation sector and businesses in the aviation sector’s supply chain – supported 1.3 million more jobs and a $105 billion gross value added contribution to GDP. In total, accounting for the sector’s direct impact, its supply chain impact, its wage expenditure impact, and the impact of tourism made possible by air transport, the aviation sector supported an estimated 9.4 million jobs and a $691 billion contribution to GDP in the European Union .

Airline Job Cuts Announced 

  1. Easy Jet : 4,500
  2. British Airways : 12,000 (30% of workforce)
  3. Lufthansa: 10,000 jobs and cut pilot’s pay by 45%
  4. SAS : 5,000
  5. Ryan Air : 3 000 (out of 19,000 strong workforce) pilot and cabin crew jobs, unpaid leave, pay cuts of up to 20 percent and closure of a number of aircraft bases across Europe until traffic recovers
  6. Aer Lingus : 900
  7. Icelandair : 2,000
  8. Brussels Airlines : 1 000
  9. Wizz Air : 1 000
  10. Eurowings : 300 (on the ground)
  11. Alitalia: 12,000

Rolls-Royce: 8,000 workers and reduce the salaries of those remaining by at least 10 to 20 percent.



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