1. BMW Group: Goal of at least 50 percent of sales to be electrified by 2030. BMW subsidiary Mini is on track to become fully electric by the beginning of the coming decade.
  2. Daimler (Mercedes Benz): Full electric version of every car from 2025
  3. Ford: By 2030 all passenger vehicles sold in Europe will be all electric. Two thirds of commercial vehicles will be either electric or hybrids by 2030
  4. Honda: Honda has committed to selling only electric or hybrid vehicles in Europe by 2022
  5. Hyundai: Hyundai plans to cut the number of fossil fuel-powered cars in its line-up by half and is aiming for full electrification in Europe by 2040
  6. Jaguar Land Rover: Jaguar will go full electric by 2025. The shift for Land Rover will be slower. 60 percent of Land Rover sold in 2030 will be zero-emissions.
  7. Renault Group: 90 percent of its vehicles to be fully electric by 2030.
  8. Stellantis (Peugeot and Fiat-Chysler): Opel will go fully electric by 2028. 98 percent of models in Europe and North America will be fully electric or electric hybrids by 2025. Alfa-Romeo to be fully electric from 2027
  9. Toyota: Toyota will release 15 new battery-powered EVs by 2025
  10. Volkswagen: All of its cars sold in Europe to be battery-electric by 2035. VW will  produce the last vehicles with internal combustion engines for the European market between 2033 and 2035.
  11. Volvo: Volvo will phase out all ICE vehicles by 2030 and sell a 50/50 split of fully-electric cars and hybrids by 2025.



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