1. Rap Index ( :  A revolutionary, easy-to-use, web-based tool that uncovers hidden personal relationships between stakeholders and public officials. RAP Index was specifically designed to enable clients to find the right stakeholder, to deliver the right message, in the right way. The old methods of form communication and batch emails no longer work in the advocacy arena. In fact, 74% of congressional staff prefer personal relationships to form communication. Quality trumps quantity. Organizations who accept that mass form communications are not the most effective way to get their message heard are now turning to RAP Index.

2. FiscalNote( : Fiscal Note  has reinvented influence – dramatically improving the way organizations build and manage their relationships with all levels of government, enabling them to have maximum impact on legislation and regulation. Using proprietary analytics and breakthrough machine-learning techniques, the company’s government relationship management platform (FiscalNote GRM) is now the most effective tool for influencing Federal, state and local governments. Contextual insights are delivered via elegant workflow and outreach tools that support an enterprise-based approach to modern government affairs – and the entire system learns over time.

3. Beekeeper Group ( : Beekeeper Group is a communications, advocacy, and stakeholder strategy firm that uses a hive-centric model to help organizations recruit and engage their audiences who will then be mobilized to lobby decision-makers for them.

4. Quorum ( Quorum is a platform that enables anyone to influence the legislative process with modern tracking, targeting and outreach tools. The online platform tracks legislation and dialogue (possibility to search and track every bill, vote, press release, Dear Colleague letter, social media post and receive custom email alerts to stay ahead), possibility to identify who Members work with most frequently and who the most active, effective, and influential members are in any issues to quickly find champions and potential cosponsors; Automatically log meetings with members and their staff and  possibility to send personalized emails to staff to give an update, make an ask, or share an event.


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