1. Austria: Austria Press Agency (Austria Presse Agentur), APA is the national news agency and the leading information provider in Austria. It is owned by Austrian newspapers and the national broadcaster ORF
  2. Belgium: Belga (Belgian news agency)
  3. Bulgaria: Bulgaria News Agency, BTA is the national news agency of Bulgaria.It is the main source of information for the Bulgarian media and the country's governmental institutions. The agency is a member of the European Alliance of News Agencies and of the Black Sea Association of National News Agencies. In addition, it is the founding member of the Balkan News Agencies. The BTA issues Daily News, the only English-language Bulgarian daily as well as the weekly Bulgarian Economic Outlook, also in English.
  4. Croatia: Croatian News Agency, HINA is the national government-owned news agency of Croatia. The agency is based in central Zagreb.
  5. Cyprus: Cyprus News Agency, CAN is the major news agency in Cyprus. CNA is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors comprising established media professionals. The Board includes representatives of the Cyprus Journalists Union, the Cyprus Newspaper and Magazine Publishers Association, CyBC and the PIO. As a national news agency, CNA focuses its attention on events in Cyprus and on developments abroad that have some bearing on Cyprus or are of particular interest to the country. It also covers news in the region and activities of the European Union, the Council of Europe and other multilateral organisations. CNA transmits daily news items in Greek, English and Turkish to its subscribers at home and abroad. Subscribers include daily and weekly newspapers, radio and television stations, international and national press agencies, international organisations, local public and private institutions, Cyprus embassies and press offices throughout the world, foreign embassies and diplomatic missions in Cyprus, as well as Cypriot and Greek overseas communities and their media (newspapers, radio and TV) mainly in Britain, Australia, the United States of America and Canada. News items in Turkish are posted on the website for free access and sent by e-mail to the Turkish-Cypriot and Turkish media as well as Turkish-Cypriot political parties. In addition to the news items distributed throughout the day, CNA also issues a Cyprus press review in Greek and a 24-hours news summary in Greek for overseas subscribers in large Cypriot and Greek communities, as well as a bulletin on activities of Cypriots abroad.
  6. Czech Republic: Czech News Agency, ČTK, is a national public services news agency. It publishes in Czech, Slovak , and English.
  7. Denmark: Ritzau Bureau A/S, or Ritzau based in Copenhagen is a Danish news agency. It collaborates with three other Scandinavian news agencies to provide Nordic news, and English-language Scandinavian news service.
  8. Estonia: Baltic News Service ,BNS is the largest news agency operating in the Baltic States.Today, BNS is a holding company for for separate organizations in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.. BNS disseminates news in Russian and English (as well as the domestic languages of Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian) via the internet and by other means. Subscribers include media, financial, industrial, and government institutions in the Baltic states. BNS also collaborates with Agence France-Presse, Reuters, and Interfax.
  9. Finland: Suomen Tietotoimisto, STT-FNB is a Finnish News Agency based in Helsinki. Its largest owners are Alma Media, Sanoma and Turun Sanomat. Yle also owns a part of it.
  10. France: Agence France-Presse, AFP based in Paris. Third largest news agency in the world after the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters. AFP has regional offices in Nicosia, Montevideo, Hong Kong and Wsahington DC and bureaux in 150 countries. AFP transmits news in French, English, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish and German.
  11. Germany: Deutsche Presse-Agentur, DPA based in Hamburg has grown to be a major worldwide operation serving print media, radio, television, online, mobile phones, and national news agencies. News is available in German, English, Spanish,and Arabic.The DPA is the largest press agency in Germany. Along with the main office in Hamburg, there is a central news office in Berlin. The DPA has offices in some 100 countries, including 12 regional German bureaux along with 50 additional offices in Germany.
  12. Greece: Athens-Macedonian News Agency, AMNA,is a Greece-based news service. It is a public entity. The company has a nine-member board of directors, of which the majority (five members) comprises representatives of the Journalists’ Union of the Athens Daily Newspapers (ESIEA), the Macedonia-Thrace Union of Journalists (ESIEMTH), the Athens Union of Daily Newspaper Owners, the University of Athens (and on rotation every three years the University of Thessaloniki and the Panteion University as well as a representative of the workforce, who is elected by all the company’s staff member.
  13. Hungary: Duna Media Service. Magyar Távirati Iroda as well as the three other public media organizations managed by the MTVA were merged into a single organization called Duna Media Service. This organization is the legal successor to Magyar Távirati Iroda.
  14. Italy:  Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata, ANSA based in Rome  is the leading wire service in Italy, and one of the leaders among world news agencies. The ANSA is a cooperative of 36 members of the main Italian newspapers publishers and is designed to collect and transmit information on the main events Italian and world. To this end, the ANSA has 22 offices in Italy and 81 offices in 78 other countries. The agencies ANSA transmit more than 3,500 news and more than 1,500 photos a day that are transmitted to the Italian media, national institutions, local and international trade associations, political parties and trade unions. The ANSA news broadcasts national, local and sector-specific. In addition to the news in Italian ANSA transmits its news in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Arabic.
  15. Latvia: LETA based in Riga  is Latvia’s main information agency.
  16. Lithuania: ELTA based in Vilnius is a Lithuanian news agency. Today, ELTA cooperates with foreign news agencies such as Reuters, ITAR-TASS, DPA, PAP and others.
  17. Malta: Malta News Agency, MNA
  18. Netherlands:  Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau, ANP is the largest news agency in the Netherlands.With 140 reporters, correspondents, editors and photographers ANP produces over 160.000 news articles a year, accompanied by 600.000 photos. The ANP Multimedia staff airs radio bulletins and edits news for online media and mobile phones. ANP Video produces news footage for television and major news websites. Throughout a network of international correspondents and news agencies ANP delivers foreign news to its customers. The daily production (in Dutch) consists of general, political, financial, sports and entertainment news.The staff of 220 people is headquartered in Rijswijk,outside The Hague, with bureaus in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven and Brussels (EU/NATO).In the Netherlands, ANP represents the news agencies Agence France Presse (AFP), Deutsche Presse Agentur (DPA),EFE (Spain) and Belga (Belgium).
  19. Poland: Polska Agencja Prasowa, PAP, Polish Press Agency  is a Poland’s news agencyby Polska Agencja Prasowa S.A., producing and distributing political, economic, social, and cultural press releases as well as events info and online news, in a similar way to Reuters, Agence France-Presse, AP and UPI.
  20. Portugal: Lusa News Agency is the largest Portuguese news agency. Lusa has more than 280 journalists working for it, spread throughout the world. In addition to the major cities of Portugal, Lusa has permanent branches or correspondents in Belgium, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg, Russia, Estonia, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique, India, Sao Tome and Principe, South Africa, Algeria, Esat Timor, Macau, China, Brazil, Venezuela, United States, Canada and Australia.Lusa provides a news service to numerous newspapers, radio and Portuguese TV channels.An important activity of the Lusa news service is also to provide news to the news agencies of the Portuguese-speaking African countries. and also share the services of Lusa to various public and private institutions. It is part of the Alliance of Prtuguese Language Information Agencies.
  21. Romania: Gerpres, is the national news agency of Romania. Gerpres has gone through a rebranding process such as rethinking strategies and communication platforms, to ensure its position as the main source of information about Romania, for Romanian and worldwide.
  22. Slovakia: The News Agency of the Slovak Republic, TASR partially state-funded is based in Bratislava. TASR's main goal is to gather, store and provide news coverage of Slovak and international events in audio, photo and text form.
  23. Slovenia: Slovenian Press Agency, STA is a national press agency covering domestic and international events. It was established and is owned by the Republic of Slovenia. STA news services (the General News Service in Slovene, the daily English Service, the Picture Service and a specialized Radio Service) are targeted at state institutions, corporations, embassies and other users. The STA is the only provider of daily news in English for the expatriate community in Slovenia and for English-speaking readers abroad. With over 100 full-time employees and part-time contributors based in Ljubljana, and a network of correspondents in major cities across Slovenia as well as in Brussels, New York, Zagreb, Rome, Klagenfurt, Trieste and Gorizia, the STA provides coverage of events in Slovenia and around the world. The agency exchanges news wires with press agencies from around the world and taps into other foreign sources of news.
  24. Spain: Agencia EFE is the major multimedia news agency in Spanish and the world’s largest wire service after Associated Press, Reuters andAgence France Presse.sented by several labor unions.
  25. Sweden: Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå (TT) is a Swedish news agency, the largest in Scandinavia owned jointly by the country's newspapers and the media groups behind them. TT's services are used as the exclusive source of national news by many local media outlets. TT also produces daily radio news programmes.
  26. United Kingdom: Press Association, PA is the UK’s leading provider of multimedia content and services. It remains the national news agency for the UK and Ireland, serving a broad range of customers, including major media and digital brands around the world, business and public sector organisations. The news agency is part of the PA group of specialist media companies

By Acronyms

  1. AFP (France)
  2. AMNA (Greece)
  3. ANP (Netherlands)
  4. ANSA (Italy)
  5. APA (Austria)
  6. Belga (Belgium)
  7. BNS (Estonia)
  8. BTA (Bulgaria)
  9. CAN (Cyprus)
  10. ČTK (Czech Republic)
  11. DPA (Germany)
  12. DUNA MEDIA SERVICE (Hungary)
  13. EFE (Spain)
  14. ELTA (Lithuania)
  15. GERPRES (Romania)
  16. HINA (Croatia)
  17. LETA (Latvia)
  18. LUSA (Portugal)
  19. MNA (Malta)
  20. PA (United Kingdom)
  21. PAP (Poland)
  22. RITZAU (Denmark)
  23. STA (Slovenia)
  24. STT-FNB (Finland)
  25. TASR (Slovakia)
  26. TT (Sweden)


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