EUROCHAM-LIBYA (The European Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Libya) is officially being launched to advance the interests of European companies in Libya.

The Association will maintain close working relationships with the European Commission, European Union Delegation, European bilateral chambers of commerce ( French-Libyan Chamber of Commerce, Italy-Libyan Chamber of Commerce, Libyan British Council, German-African Business Association among others), with the Embassies in Tripoli as soon as they reopen as well as with initially the Transitional National Council (TNC) and later on with the new Government of Libya once it has been formed.

EUROCHAM- LIBYA is a non-profit membership fee-based organisation, pursuing the following objectives:

  1. To provide its members with a channel of communication to the European Union and Libyan political and economic institutions, as well as with business associations;
  2. To be an interlocutor of choice for the new Libyan authorities and the EU institutions;
  3. To build a forum for members to address common problems, to exchange information and share experiences on a pan-European level;
  4. To create networking opportunities for the European business community in Libya.

An office is soon to open in a prestigious building in Tripoli. Until such time EUROCHAM-LIBYA will be co-located with AALEP. Serving as Chair of EUROCHAM-LIBYA is Mr. Christian D. de Fouloy and as Deputy Chair, Mr. Ashraf Tulty, a distinguished Libyan national presently based in washington DC who is soon to return to Libya.



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