Russia is using every chance to undermine Ukrainian culture and the Ukrainian language in the territories it occupies. The Kremlin intends to unite Ukraine with Russia by literally destroying the Ukrainian language, nation, culture and history. Ultimately, Russia’s aim is to promote the idea that the Ukrainian nation and its language are artificial constructions, and that being under Russian control is the only destiny for Ukraine.

  1. Russian is the official language under Russian rule
  2. Changing education programs to Russian education system
  3. Retraining Ukrainian teachers
  4. Reopening of schools with Russian fully replacing Ukrainian as the medium of instruction.
  5. Scraping school subjects of Ukrainian history, literature and language
  6. Cleansing libraries of Ukrainian books that are summarily destroyed or even burned
  7. Burning Ukrainian archives, museums, churches and monuments
  8. Destroying books by Ukrainian authors
  9. Limiting access to Ukrainian media
  10. Switching television transmitters to Russian broadcasters
  11. Control of the internet
  12. Introduction of Russia’s “7” international dialing code in the area
  13. Fast-track Russian citizenship and Issuing of Russian passports
  14. Enhancing pension entitlements
  15. Introduction of the Russian rouble
  16. Opening Russian banks
  17. Establish civilian authorities and preparing the region for possible annexation.
  18. Changing road signs in Russian

Last but not least, those who oppose the Russian occupation are imprisoned, tortured, raped and summarily executed by shooting.


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