There are currently 200 lobbyists who operate in Poland, or more precisely 200 individuals and/or entities are recorded as professional lobbyists in the Register of Lobbyists maintained by the Polish Interior Ministry. In Poland, a lobbyist is required to register with the Ministry of Interior prior to approaching a government official for the purpose of influencing legislation on behalf of a third person. Engaging in lobbying without first registering with the Interior Ministry is punishable by a fine up to € 12,500 Twice a year, the Council of Ministers prepares an agenda of legislation it expects to consider during the upcoming six months. Notice of the Council's agenda is published in the Public Information Bulletin, following which a lobbyist may give notice of his or her interest to disuss such a draft legislation. In order for a lobbyist to make an appointment with a government official to discuss a particular piece of legislation, the request for a meeting must first be made public by being published in the same Public Information Bulletin. Following the meeting, the government official is required to publish information about the meeting in the same Public Information Bulletin, including what the lobbyist sought and what, if any, actions resulted from the meeting. Moreover, an annual report must be prepared and published detailing contact between government officials and registered lobbyists. The vast majority of lobbyists in Poland are lawyers, accountants and tax advisors.

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