The main purpose of the Association is to facilitate dialogue between Members of the European Parliament, the European Commission, the Member States and the European rail sector. The Association intends to achieve a better understanding of rail-related issues and generally speaking to facilitate the work of all interested parties.

To this end, the Association endeavours in particular to facilitate:

  • The establishment or strengthening of professional and personal ties between its members in full compliance with European and National Law.
  • Cooperation with various scientific, technical, economic, industrial and professional groups and organizations whose activities affect the various issues that arise in the field of rail transport.

Full MEP members List

  1. Lucy Anderson (UK)
  2. Ines Ayala-Sender (Spain)
  3. Georges Bach (Luxembourg)
  4. Michael Cramer (Germany)
  5. Karima Delli (France)
  6. Ismail Ertug (Germany)
  7. Jo Leinen (Germany)
  8. Boguslaw Liberadzki (Poland)
  9. Gesine Meissner (Germany)
  10. Tomasz Poreba (Poland)
  11. Franck Proust (France)
  12. Jozo Rados (Croatia)
  13. Christine Revault d’Allonnes-Bonnefoy (France)
  14. Dominique Riquet (France)
  15. Massimiliano Salini (Italy)
  16. Andreas Schwab (Germany)
  17. Istvan Ujehlyi (Hungary)
  18. Wim Van de Camp (Netherlands)
  19. Martina Werner

Associate Members

  1. ABB
  2. Agoria-Belgian Federation of the Technology Industry
  3. Alstom Transport
  4. Amadeus IT Group
  5. Ansaldo STS
  6. AZD Praha
  7. BLS AG
  8. Bombardier Transportation
  9. CER-Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies
  10. CFL (Luxembourg Railways)
  11. Club Ferroviar
  12. Deutsche Bahn (German Railways)
  13. Deutsche Post DHL
  14. ECG
  15. EFRTC
  16. EPF- European Passengers’ Federation
  17. ERFA- European Rail Freight Association
  19. FIF- Fédération des Industries Ferroviaires
  20. FSR- Florence School of Regulation
  21. Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane (FSI)
  22. GDF Suez
  23. ÖBB Holding (Austrian Railways)
  24. Oltis Group
  25. PKP Holding (Polish Railways)
  26. RoCK
  27. RZD (Russian Railways)
  28. Siemens Mobility
  29. SIRTS- Polish Association for Rail Transport Interoperability and Development
  30. SNCB/NMBS (Belgian Railways)
  31. SNCF (French Railways)
  32. Strukton Rail
  33. Talgo
  34. Thales Transportation
  35. UIC- International Union of Railways
  36. UIP- International Union of Private Wagons
  37. UIRR- International Union of Combined Road-Rail Transport Companies
  38. UITP- International Association of Public Transport
  39. UNIFE- The European Rail Industry (Association of the European Rail Industry)
  40. UECC- Union of European Chambers of Commerce for Transport
  41. University College of London
  42. VDB- Verband der Bahnindustrie in Deutschland
  43. Veolia Transdev
  44. Voestalpine
  45. VR Group (Finnish Railways)

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