Although AALEP is first and foremost a membership organization reserved only for senior professionals in the lobbying field, we believe it is important to integrate the fresh energy and enthusiasm of recent graduates and new professionals who are in need of coaching and guidance to advance their career.

Hence we're creating a special membership category called "Emerging Professionals' that includes recent graduates, young professionals and career changers looking to connect and interact with established senior professionals. Our objective is to provide education, networking, professional development and opportunities for learning and meeting with senior professionals.

Recent graduates are individuals who have just completed their studies and have less than 1 year experience in lobbying. The Annual Membership Fee is set at € 150

New professionals are individuals who have acquired at least 2 years experience in lobbying. The Annual Membership Fee is set at € 250 The

Emerging Professionals Chapter (EPC) will provide young professionals opportunities for educational development through AALEP's Lobbying Certificate Programme (Please see this website under Education).

The Emerging Professionals Chapter will host recruiting, mentoring, volunteer and outreach events throughout the year. If you are interested in joining the EPC, please contact aalep@numericable.be and register as an EPC member of AALEP by submitting the Memorandum of Information (MoI) (Membership Application) even partially filled out. You can find the MoI (Membership Application) on this website under the Membership tab. 

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