AALEP has elaborated the most comprehensive framework to-date for professional development in Lobbying, Public Affairs and Government Relations. The framework comprises 1. Essential Knowledge required including over 100 courses broken down by topics  2. Required Skills and 3. Required Abilities. Possessing the right academic and professional qualifications as a knowledge base is what will enable practitioners to practice the profession professionally.

Although people may already hold of  a Baccalaureate degree or a Masters Degree from an accredited college or university having taken major courses in liberal arts, linguistics, political science, public administration, government, law, communications, public relations or related field, there are core competencies that are needed for those who aspire to obtain a senior-level position in the field of lobbying, public affairs and government relations field. This also holds true for practitioners who need continuous professional development (lifelong learning i.e. acquiring and updating abilities, interests, knowledge and qualifications.   Oftentimes, people working in public affairs have great expertise in an area such as government and politics, but they don’t know how to work effectively with the news media. While they may become a very capable lobbyist, they lack the broad perspective and training required to maximize their impact.

The AALEP Professional Development Framework is copyrighted and is only available in the AALEP Members' Area. 





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