In order to further the professional development of lobbying, public affairs and government relations practitioners there is a need for the establishment of steady development of approved curricula. Exclusive academic and/or professional qualifications must be clearly set up to demonstrate the substantial and rigorous knowledge and skills of the profession. Qualifying examinations should be offered to evaluate the levels of practitioners’ competencies and continuous professional development should be mandatory for all members to expand their knowledge and skills.

Today, there is a huge spread of quality in lobbying, public affairs and government relations studies. Many are too broad and end up offering little in depth training in any of the key skills sets required. Others seem to have too narrow view of the field. 

The purpose of the accreditation process developed by AALEP is to assess the content of courses related to lobbying, public affairs and government relations, learning outcomes and assessment, delivery, quality assurance and involvement of the profession in the development and delivery of the courses.

There are 10 reasons for AALEP accreditation:

1. To advance professional practice to benefit lobbying, public affairs and government relations practitioners;

2. To develop specific knowledge and competence that underpins the lobbying, public affairs and government relations field;

3. To provide expertise to support development of appropriate education and training;

4. To ensure curriculum content is both current and anticipatory of future change;

5. To facilitate peer recognition of education and best practice and the dissemination of information through education and employer networks;

6. To ensure qualification is fit for purpose.

7. To provide eligibility to membership of AALEP

8. To recognize the achievement of a benchmark standard for professional regulation;

9. To strengthen links between the national professional body, education providesr, employers and students;

10.To provide access to national professional body membership.


For further information about the Accreditation Process, please contact AALEP Secretariat






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