All lobbyists have different areas of expertise, contacts, working styles, success records, and fees.  If you want to hire a good lobbyist – meaning one that’s effective for you, not just in general – you need to do some research into at least a few lobbyists, and find the one that will work well for you and your specific project(s).

AALEP has developed an Advocacy Questionnaire to help you in your search. This Questionnaire is your opportunity to introduce yourself and discuss the issue for which you are seeking to retain advocacy services. You will find this Questionnaire under 'Resources'. Please fill out this Questionnaire in detail to assure that your issue is well understood so you may get the best quality services from among AALEP members.

Once you have completely filled out the Questionnaire, save it and send it via e-mail to AALEP Secretariat (aalep@numericable.be)

Once your Questionnaire has been received and reviewed AALEP will contact you to schedule an appointment to meet and on the basis of your requirements recommend his/her most appropriate member to handle your assignment.

AALEP will not intervene in negotiations. We will let our recommended lobbyist discuss with you the cost of his/her services, the timeframe in which the project will be completed and the strategies that will be taken to complete the project. AALEP shall not be held liable for the acts or omissions of its members.  

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