AALEP has entered into a protocol of cooperation with the Rusian-European Chamber of Commerce (RUSCHAM) whereby AALEP joins RUSCHAM as an Associate Member and RUSCHAM joins AALEP as an Associate Member. It should be pointed out that Associate Membership does not confer any right for either organization to vote at annual meetings but does provide an entitlement to participate in metings,events, projects and programmes.

The Russian-European Chamber of Commerce is an independent business network association funded by membership and sponsorship. The association counts over 12 000 members worldwide comprised of small, mediium and large investors and businesses in  EU Member States, other European and NIS countries and the Russian Federation that have business activities with and in the Russian Federation, NIS countries and Europe.

RUSCHAM provides the entrance into the market of new foreign investors who consult with RUSCHAM to gather information and make contacts necessary to fulfill their strategic business plans.

Under this protocol of cooperation, AALEP will help co-ordinate and promote the representation of RUSCHAM to the EU institutions and act as RUSCHAM's Brussels antenna/liaison office to optimize the communication channel to the EU political and economic institutions. Conversely, RUSCHAM will help co-ordinate and promote the representation of AALEP to Russia and NIS authorities and act as AALEP's Moscow antenna/liaison office to optimize the communication channels to Russian and NIS political and economic institutions.



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