Austria: Starting from August 15, only fully vaccinated persons, those who can prove they were infected recently with COVID-19, as well as those who can present negative COVID-19 test results, will be eligible to enter places like restaurants, hotels, events, etc. Face masks are required on public transport and in other public spaces.

Belgium: Starting from August 13, all those in Belgium, including tourists, who wish to attend events with more than 1,500 people, like live outdoor concerts and festivals, can apply for the Covid Safe Ticket. The ticket is a document that enables the holder to attend such events without having to wear a mask or respect the 1.5 meters distance. Later on, from September 1, the pass will expand to large indoor events.

Bulgaria: No health pass. Social distancing and gauge in public places

Cyprus: Since July 9, Cyprus has imposed the requirement of the so-called Safe Pass for citizens 12 and older, as well as for incoming travellers, when entering different places and attending several types of events. Among others, the Safe Pass should be presented by employees and customers entering an establishment, including restaurants and bars.

Denmark: The Coronapass app since 21 April 2021 grants quick and easy admission to the holders in places like restaurants, museums, zoos, cinemas, amusement parks, bathing and play areas and cultural venues.

France: France has recently introduced the so-called health pass (pass sanitaire), which enables people to attend public events with over 1,000 participants. From August 9, the health pass will become compulsory to visit a café, board a plane, or travel on an intercity train.

Germany: Although Germany still hasn’t launched a requirement for a health pass, the German Chancellor’s chief of staff, Helge Braun, has recently warned that unvaccinated people may be barred from entering indoor venues like restaurants, movie theatres and sports stadiums.

Ireland: Ireland currently permits entry into restaurants and pubs across the country for those that are able to prove they are fully vaccinated against Coronavirus or have recovered from the illness within the past six months.

Italy: Starting from August 6, Italy will introduce the Green Pass which its holders s will have to use in order to be eligible to attend cinemas, theatres, exhibitions, museums, sporting events, private parties, festivals, trade fairs, swimming pools, and gyms. The ‘Green Pass’ is an extension of the EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate, will be required from everyone over the age of 12 in order to be permitted access to certain activities and places, like the ones mentioned above. The pass is not compulsory on terrace or at the bar counter. The subject of transport, school or work is under discussion until August 6, 2021

Lithuania: National Certificate is not required to have access to restaurants and culture.

Luxembourg: Since June 10, the country has introduced an app called CovidCheck, which makes it easier for vaccinated travellers to access restaurants, attend events and travel abroad. After the introduction of this app, Luxembourg has lifted all social distancing measures in bars and restaurants and at sports venues.

Malta: Only fully vaccinated travelers (2 doses) are accepted. On a daily basis, no health pass. Specific and strict standards exist for each type of place welcoming the public (hairdressers, beauticians, hotels, museums, places of worship, passenger transport)

Netherlands: The Netherlands does not have an official rule that enables travellers immunized against COVID-19 to attend public spaces. Yet, the country permits only businesses that are reopened for vaccinated persons only to operate at their full capacity.

Portugal: Travellers in Portugal, as well as the residents of the country, are required to present proof of vaccination, or negative COVID-19 test results, in order to enjoy their Friday evenings and weekends at indoor places. Proof of recovery from the virus and test results are also accepted. The  EU Digital Covid is demanded for access to restaurants and hotels.

Slovenia: In Slovenia, all persons who wish to attend catering establishments, hotels, apartments, camps, cultural and sports events, public gatherings and events with more than 100 participants, trade fairs, etc., will have to present COVID-19 negative test results or proof of vaccination or recovery.

Spain: While Spain as a country has refused to impose a requirement of health certificates for revitalizing social life, the Galicia region is now the first territory in the country that required its residents to provide such a certificate to gain access to indoor cafés, bars and restaurants.


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