In spite of all the external threats to Public Affairs practitioners, a more serious threat is the threat of apathy. The dictionary defines apathy as a state of indifference or the suppression of passion, emotion or excitement also, the lack of interest in or concern for things that others find moving or exciting. The opposite of apathy is enthusiasm, fervour, concern and passion. Excuses such as lacking the time, the money and the energy for what is perceived as the 'extras' of being involved in professional activities are just ways of escaping but by doing so we deny our personal growth. By not being involved, we miss out on the stimulation exposure to the issues impacting our profession brings. We miss an opportunity to foster support achieved through networking with colleagues from different practice settings. We fail to see ourselves as part of a vibrant tapestry of Public Affairs practitioners who share pride and commitment to the profession. Most importantly we lose the sense the professional conduct. We should reflect on why apathy is occuring. Is there a lack of passion for what we do? Are we concerned about the issues that impact our professon? Is there a lack of knowledge in how to become involved in the issues? Is there an absence of direction and/or role models to follow in the field of Public Affairs? or is apathy a perceived loss of control as a result of excessive stress resulting in our inability to see how to change the situation. So let's overcome professional apathy. If you find yourself surrounded by colleagues who are constantly complaining about work or the economy, do what you can to separate yourself and ignore those who chose to be negative. Now is an excellent time to join a professional networking group such as AALEP to find others who are taking positive steps to move forward despite difficult times.  

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