European Business Organisations play a key role in lobbying the host country authorities

European Business Organisations outside the EU are essential in the internationalization process of European companies in foreign markets. They defend and foster European business interests in the host country, mainly through advocacy and trade policy initiatives. In South America, bi-national chambers and trade offices offer information services, workshops, networking activities, trade missions and fairs.

Noteworthy is

1. The EUROCAMARAS in Brazil- Federation of the European Bilateral Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Brazil.  Through  its companies, Eurocamaras represents today alltogether more than 5.000 European industries and companies in Brazil. It also has the important mission to assist Brazilian companies trading and investing in Europe. Today, Eurocamaras is the largest multicultural network providing a business and social platform to facilitate and promote business opportunities to all Brazilian and European companies, members of the Bilateral Chambers.  Active A

Active bilateral chambers include: German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sao Paulo, Belo-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Brazil, Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Brazil, French-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Sao Paulo, Italian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Lithuanian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, Dutch-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in Brazil, British Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Brazil and the Swedish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce.

2. EUROCHILE in Chile

3. EUROCAMARAS Colombia- The European Chamber in Colombia that is composed of several European bilateral Chambers currently present in Colombia, essentially the European Chambers of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the Nordic countries and the UK. The chamber's main objective is to promote the benefits of trade and investment between its members in Europe and Colombia. Each Chamber has the responsibility to provide information and advice about business opportunities, business trends, statistics and investment opportunities in both continnets. The European Chambers in Colombia work closely in cooperation with each Diplomatic delegation- Embassies in Colombia, partners of the Chamber in each country, and different trade organizations in Colombia and around the world.

 4. EUROCAMARA in Uruguay represents the EU business community in Uruguay, as the umbrella organisation of the EU Bi-National Chambers in the country. The EUOCAMARA is currently pursuing new business cooperation programmes between Uruguay and the EU. Members of EUROCAMARA include: The Chamber of Commerce Uruguay-Germany, the Chamber of Commerce Uruguay-Finland, the Chamber of Commerce Uruguay-UK, the Chamber of Commerce Uruguay-Portugal, the Chamber of Commerce Uruguay-Czech Republic, the Chamber of Commerce and Navigation of Spain, the French Chamber of Commerce in Uruguay, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Uruguay and the Chamber of Commerce Uruguay-Poland.



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