The Fouloy's Lobbying Explanatory Dictionary is a single, one-stop resource not available elsewhere in such a format on the subject of lobbying and advocacy. This explanatory dictionary provides definitions of lobbying terms, concepts, processes and a concise treatment of the techniques used: Development and management of a strategic game plan, research and analysis of policy and processes, communications and internet strategy and its impact on lobbying, grassroots and grasstops lobbying, coalition building and maintenance, rules, regulations and ethics in the lobbying environment, direct lobbying and many other topics. How to become an effective advocate? How to approach public officials, when and where to do so and how to ensure that your message get across. Many concepts of planning, maneuvering, strategy and tactics are derived from the military and increasingly used by lobbyists. There are infiniteways of elaborating a battle plan i.e. a lobbying campaign, an infinity ofways to organise a lobbying attack, all of these based on a series of fundamental rules expliciitly detailed in this dictionary, which can make a difference between success and failure. A good lobbying strategy starts from the proper use of tactics and a lobbying strategy should always start from the rela conditions in the political environment. Whether you want to lobby a public official as anindividual or with others as a group, this explanatory dictionary provides sound advice on how best to achieve your  objectives. It outlines avenues of government that might be available to you and a step-by-step approach with valuable tips. This explanatory dictionary furnishes a common technical vocubulary that includes over 1000 entries providing up-to-date meanings and clear and concise definitions of how lobbying and advocacy works drawing on such related disciplines as law, public policy, public affairs, communications, public relations, political science, strategic planning, and journalism. This explanatory dictionary will be a useful tool for anyone dealing or making representations: a necessary companion for businesses, lawyers, public servants, professional and aspiring lobbyists, educationalists, special interest groups and official bodies.    

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