1. Argentina: VACANT
  2. Australia: VACANT
  3. Brazil: P. Michael McKinley (Career)
  4. Canada: NOMINATED Kelly Knight Craft (Political)
  5. China: CONFIRMED Terry Brandstad (Political)
  6. France: VACANT
  7. Germany: VACANT
  8. India: VACANT
  9. Indonesia: Joseph R. Donovan Jr. (Career)
  10. Italy: VACANT
  11. Japan: NOMINATED William Hagerty IV (Political)
  12. Republic of Korea: VACANT
  13. Mexico: CONFIRMED Roberta Jazconson (Political)
  14. Russia: CONFIRMED John Tefft (Career)
  15. Saudi Arabia: VACANT
  16. South Africa: VACANT
  17. Turkey: John R. Bass (Career)
  18. United Kingdom: NOMINATED Robert Wood Johnson IV (Political)
  19. European Union: VACANT

11 G20 Countries are currently without a U.S. Ambassador's presence sur place. France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the European Union do not have currently a U.S. Ambassador sur place.  

Invited Guests

  1. Guinea: Dennis B. Hankins (Career)
  2. Netherlands: VACANT
  3. Norway: VACANT
  4. Senegal: Tulinabo Salama Mushingi (Career)
  5. Singapore: NOMINATED K.T. McFarland (Political)
  6. Spain: VACANT
  7. Vietnam: Theodore G. Osius III (Career)

Amon the Invited Guests, 4 countries are currently without a U.S. Ambassador's presence sur place: The Netherlands, Norway, Singapore and Spain.

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