The European Parliament and the European Commission introduced a new joint register on 23 June, scrapping existing annual passes altogether. Instead, they put in place a new fast-track system for registered lobbyists to obtain one-day passes, based on accreditation valid for 12 months. However, many lobbying organisations remain unaware of how the new system works.

The Parliament is considering introducing microchip access cards for lobbyists to register entry to and exit from its buildings. The Parliament's secretariat is also considering setting up differential zones of security clearance within its premises. It remains unclear when the new security plan will be announced.

The current security restrictions are making life quite difficult for professional lobbyists and AALEP is lobbying for a reinstatement of annual passes for lobbyists. Access to the European Parliament should be a right not a privilege.

At this moment, people who are on the register can get fast-track access and a review of access rules is currently undertaken to make sure the express service for lobbyists is working effectively.  

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