Movers and Shakers are people of energetic demeanour who initiate change and influence events. AALEP has just published a report of the leading and most influential Public Affairs practitioners associated with consultancies. There are an estimated 600 to 700 people working for PA consultancies in Brussels. The AALEP report only includes the most prominent by virtue of their function ( Managing Directors, Heads of Office, Senior Partners, Partners and Directors). AALEP recognizes that the Listing is by no means exhaustive but it serves as a good starting point to help select the assistance one may requires. Prominent PA Practitioners build relationships, garner trust, anticipate pushback on any given issue and come up with a communication strategy, understand the machinery of the EU, have access to key decision-makers inside the EU institutions and are sensitive to the 'politics' of decision-making. When contacting you selected consultancies, brief them on your needs, ask each for a 'credentials only' presentation to cover such questions as:

  • the type of work they handle and their areas of specialisation
  • the relevant experience and professional background of the senior consultants
  • their present clients and how long they have been clients
  • any possible conflict of interest with existing clients
  • who might be working on your program, their qualification, experience and hourly rates’
  • whether the consultancy charges a retainer (set fee per month), hourly rates, or a combination of both
  • how expenses are charged – at cost or with a set mark-up
  • the type of reporting the consultancy provides on work done for you – monthly activity reports, 6 or 12-monthly reviews
  •  contact details of their clients with whom you may want to talk about the quality of their work.

  The report is only available to AALEP members as part of their membership investment    

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