Prof. Giorgio Stanta has joined AALEP. Professor Stanta from the University of Trieste  performs molecular and epidemiological analyses in human archive tissues, in particular for research in dermatology and oncology for validation and standardisation of technologies. As Italian representative, he is member of the European Molecular Pathology Board. He is also member of the Molecular Pathology Council of the European Society of Pathology and of the Italian Group of Molecular Pathology. He is the coordinator of the European Project "Archive Tissues: Improving Molecular Medicine Research and Clinical Practice (IMPACTS) and member of the European project "ACUME 2' on the interaction 'Science-Humanities'. He cooperates with the International Cancer Genomic Consortium. He collaborates as expert at the organization of human tissues biobanks at the European level (European Biobanking Infrastructure). He cooperates with a lot of scientific institutions, both Italian and foreign, on several aspects of molecular technologies and their scientific applications, in particular in oncology. He cooperates with industries for implementation of diagnostic kits and in this field he hastwo patents (one Italian and one European).  He his the Founder of the 'Societa dei Registri Tumori Italieni (Society of Italian Tumor Registers), the 'Gruppo Italianio di Patologia Molecolare (Italian Group of Molecular Pathology), the 'European Group of Molecular Pathology' of ESP and the 'Fondazione Italiana di Nanomedicina (Italian Nanomedicine Foundation  

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