The views and proposals for restoring growth in the EU endorsed by 12 countries including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Poland which together represent half of the EU population are not included in the draft text of the European Council Summit. And yet the proposals made called for clear targets and timetables setting outy dates and accountability. Just in the international area, the plan for growth highlighted definite objectives for delivering open global markets e.g.

1. Conclude free trade agreements with India, Canada, countries of the Eastern neighborhood and a number of ASEAN partners;

2. Reinforce  trade relations with countries in the southern neighbourhood;

3. Give fresh impetus to trade negotiations with strategic partners such as Mercosur and Japan;

4. Deepen economic integration with the U.S., examining all options including that of a free trade agreement;

5. Deepen trade and investment relations with Russia, following its accession to the WTO;

6. Launch a strategic consideration of our trade and investment relationships with China, with a view to strengthening our economic ties and reinforcing commitment to rules-based trade;

7. Strengthen the multilateral system, including through the Doha Development Agenda;

8. Strive for multilateral and plurilateral agreements in priority areas and sectors, and resist protectionism;

9. Seek greater market access for our businesses in third countries.





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