France... faced a dreadful politial and economic climate along with frustration, division, and disillusionment among its people. The economic situation was terrible as well as business and finance being very limited. France was deeply divided which caused frustration and commotion throughout the country. The people of France were extremely frustrated and disillusioned. France was greatly in need for a new leader who would escape them from their depressing situation and carry France forward. The French were severely divided which caused aggravation and disorder throughtout France. The distinctive groups in the French society conflicted with one another and caused chaos and madness. People started to lose faith and were becoming very frustrated, as many promises were not being kept. The French were extremely distrustful of politician's promises and the abuse and misue of power. France was poverty-stricken and their trade was at severe risk. The country was estranged which caused extreme disorder. The people of France were depressed and disheartened .... they were in need for a new leader to secure and reform France.

Then came Napoleon..... And the French granted him full control and authority due to the disappointment and anger they were going through. Napoleon managed to implement rules and regulations to fix these problems and please all groups in the French society. In doing so, he was able to receive full control and power over France and rescue the revolution.

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