Companies in every sector of the economy and throughout the world face increasing pressures to address various policy changes.  Regulatory programmes are emerging and evolving at the national, regional, and international levels. Shareholders, local governments, key stakeholders, and the general public are demanding and, in many cases, taking action.

Range of Strategic Advice Services

  1. Helping Client evaluate and scale the potential risks and rewards associated with relevant policies as they relate to the Client’s business plans. 
  2. Crafting creative solutions and new approaches to minimize risks and demonstrate leadership during  period of change.
  3. Developing strategies for responding to compliance obligations and external pressures.
  4. Analysing scenarios for potential future policies and resulting impacts on Client.
  5. Helping Client build its own capacity in the area of Strategic Business Planning and providing training for company employees, board of directors, and others.
  6. Reviewing communications at an internal and external level.
  7. Developing new corporate position statements that support the Client’s strategic vision
  8. Helping Client develop strategies for public advocacy, including reaching out to key NGOs, policy-makers and other stakeholders.
  9. Assisting Client in engaging in the policy process, developing testimony, drafting position papers and other submissions, and analyzing legislative proposals.

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