The Davos Summit counts 2,600 participants (lobbyists, journalists, captains of industry and economists) from 100 countries and includes 45 Heads of States or Government and more  than 900 top business executives

28 percent of CEOs said they expected the world economy to decline further in 2013, against 48 percent last year, while 52 percent expected it to remain stable. But only 36 percent said they were "very confident" in their companies' growth prospects in the next 12 months, down from 40 percent last year and 48 percent in 2011.

Despite the presence of so many world leaders, no formal decisions are taken at Davos, although corporate deals are often sewn up on the sidelines and presidents and prime ministers huddle in small gatherings to thrash out pressing issues.

The Resilient Dynamism Agenda proposed is the following:


1. How to get the global economy back on a path of stable growth and higher employment?

2. How to to address persistent vulnerabilities within the international system? 

3. How to increase global, national and industry resilience to major systemic and catastrophic risks?


1. How to adapt to leadership transition among G20 members and to understand the geopolitical and geoeconomic implications?

2. How to manage the political and economic transformations in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa?

3. How to ensure that protectionism and nationalism do not derail regional economic integration and multilateral economic cooperation in Asia, Africa and the Americas?


1. How to thrive when global competitiveness is increasingly driven by talent and innovation?

2. How to ensure stable, sustainable and affordable supplies of critical natural resoures?

3. How to navigate a changing regulatory environment while pursuing new growth and opportunities?


1. How to create new value in the face of generational and structural shifts that are reshaping business models?

2. How to adapt to the future evolution of social technology in a business context?

3. How to leverage rapid and far-reaching advances in science, technology and medicine?



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