The 1600 List

THE 1,600 LIST ©

of Interest Groups represented in the European Union

List of Acronyms and Initials designating Interest Groups represented by Accredited Lobbyists to the European Parliament (as of 1st May 2008).

In each specialized area, people understand their own acronyms or initials, but in the melting pot of the European Parliament, it seems like we are cooking up nothing but alphabet soup. The situation gets even more difficult because the Acronym and/or Initial is usually followed by the designation of the interest group in any of the European languages. Therefore, unless you’re multilingual, it’s almost impossible to make sense of it.

In order to remedy this situation, the List of Acronyms and Initials here below provides an English translation which hopefully will facilitate an understanding of Who’s Who.

Download the 1600 List in PDF format