Representative Offices

The role of the representative offices is to increase the profile of AALEP in EU member states and further closer relationships with key stakeholders at member state level, including relevant national authorities, national parliaments as well as providing advice and counselling on all aspects of membership in AALEP and the activities being pursued.

The establishment of a network of representative offices is based on the need to understand cultural diversity and national perspectives to carry out an effective policy dialogue at European level.

The dynamic EU political process is driven by the interaction between the capitals of the EU 27 member states and the hub of the Brussels political institutions. Each EU member state has its own domestic priorities and national interest. Therefore, as an Association of Professional Lobbyists, it is essential for AALEP to have visibility not just at the European Union level in Brussels but in all EU member states and to provide the opportunity for those engaged in political communications and public affairs at national level to become Non-Resident Members in AALEP.

AALEP’s umbrella network of representative offices will facilitate the exchange of information and establish common principles at EU level through the integration of knowledge, experiences and expertise gathered from member states and EU stakeholders. It will provide and facilitate the development of political communication programmes in member states and help provide support to countries less advanced in political communication and lobbying.


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