Membership Eligibility:

  • Applicants must show evidence that they provide meaningful professional public policy advocacy, and that their counsel is sought and valued by clients or employers in the making of significant public policy related decisions. There must be objective evidence in files that such public policy advocacy services are provided to and valued by clients and employers. Written reports are not essential, but oral reports should be supported by documentation of the work performed. The source of an applicant’s compensation (e.g. salary, fee) is not an issue. The standard is what is done rather than how the applicant is paid
  • Applicants may provide public policy advocacy services to only one or limited number of clients depending on the size and nature of the account(s). An individual providing  public policy advocacy services to an employer may be considered for membership if the public policy advocacy services rendered to that organization are of a nature, quality and type that would be provided by an independent  public policy advocacy consultant.
  • Applicants must hold a senior position in the firm or company where they serve as an employee or partner. There is no requirement that the applicant be an owner or a principal
  • Applicants must be recognized for excellence as an advisor in their respective field or fields of expertise
  • Applicants must be highly regarded for integrity, judgement and knowledge
  • Applicants must have practical experience in the public policy advocacy field for at least 5 years. Graduate academic credentials in law, political science, public relations or a related field may be considered as a viable alternative for up to one year of public policy advocacy experience. Applicants must presently have the required levels of recognition, regard and reputation.