Brussels Study Visit (ENG)

To participate in a Brussels Study Visit is not an end itself. There are different aspects of added value of such participation and this requires an optimisation of the programme itself and the use of the results.

AALEP has substantial experience of designing and managing high-quality study visit programmes in Brussels. We provide tailor-made turnkey study visit programmes, seminars and workshops at the request of public and private sector bodies.

Study visits should provide a forum for discussion and common learning:

  • Enabling those exercising important responsibilities at local, regional and national levels to improve their understanding of EU institutions, policies and themes of interest
  • Opportunity to network and gain insight and knowledge on key issues as well as an opportunity to investigate possibilities of further cooperation
  • Continuing exchange of advice, experience and ideas between participants and EU institutions.

We take good care in formulating the study visit programme with the client to ensure that the programme matches the purpose of the visit and for the participants to prepare themselves; -focussing on certain projects/themes/policies which the participants are directly involved with in their work in order to gain first-hand experience.

Our Approach

We can arrange flexible programmes designed to meet the needs of groups and individuals from a range of countries and organisations. Briefing and/or training sessions are combined with practical work, case studies and visits to the EU institutions, the media, non-government/civil society organisations and other public and private sector organisations.

Briefing sessions give participants an opportunity to update themselves on current issues. Selected visits allow for valuable discussions and exchange of experience with key practitioners in specialised areas.

Tailor-made Turnkey Programme

We offer a complete package, which includes designing, arranging and managing programmes, post-programme reporting, arrival and departure arrangements, accommodation and leisure activities. Programmes can be arranged for individuals or groups. We provide detailed costing according to the content and length of the programme and the size of the group.

Our Main Services include:

Design of Programmes

We liaise with all parties involved to design programmes to match our clients’ objectives. We can draw on our Advisory Group and wide network of Associate Consultants to assist us in the design of specialised programmes where appropriate. Draft programmes are sent to clients in advance for approval and any adjustments incorporated into the final version.

Arrival Arrangements

Programmes and arrival arrangements are sent to all visitors prior to their departure. We offer advice about accommodation and make bookings on request. We are able to meet participants on arrival at the Brussels airport or at the train station, arrange transport to their accommodation and provide full briefing.

Programme Management

Briefing sessions and visits are arranged and speakers and visit hosts fully informed about participants’ backgrounds, objectives and particular areas of interest. Individuals and groups are accompanied by an experienced practitioner in European Affairs who sets the context for each session, provides continuity and ensures that participants gain as much as possible from their study visit programme. Case studies, practical exercises, and action planning sessions are included, as appropriate. Documentation, materials and training equipment are provided. Programmes include some cultural/leisure activities.


Informal feedback is encouraged during programmes to ensure that participants gain maximum benefit from their visit. We invite participants to assess the value of their study visit programme and provide us with comments before they return home. Suggestions for changes and improvements are taken into consideration at the planning stage of future programmes. It is only by receiving information on “strengths and weaknesses” that we are able to make adjustments and improve the quality of the organisation, programme structure, methodology and delivery.


We are familiar with working through interpreters and can provide interpretation and/or translation services. Alternatively, groups may prefer to nominate their own interpreter to accompany them on the study programme.


Certificates are issued to participants who successfully complete their programme. Please contact us if you would like more information.