Membership Application

Application Process

So you want to be a member of AALEP? Congratulations! We commend you for wanting to join our Association. However, if you are just seeking another organization to add to your name on your business card, AALEP is not for you. If you want contacts you can mine for assignments, AALEP is not for you.

On the other hand, if you are engaged in public policy advocacy at a high level, have many years of experience, feature honesty and integrity as a hallmark of your practice and have reached a level of maturity in public policy advocacy matters, you may be a candidate for membership. AALEP is an organization for those who have already achieved that high combination of professional competency and integrity - not those who aspire to it.

AALEP identifies you as a member of an organization of highly qualified professionals. Members possess special expertise that might guide you to better performance with your clients or the organizations you work for. Our in-depth educational programmes will broaden your knowledge and your scope in public policy advocacy.

Invitation to membership is extended by the Invitation Committee based on the collective judgement of its members as to whether or not an applicant meets the stringent requirements of the organization. Membership is something to be earned- not purchased. AALEP membership will acknowledge that you are a trusted advisor in public policy advocacy.

The invitation process is comprehensive and thorough. It begins with the completion of a ‘Memorandum of Information’ which includes extensive details regarding an individual’s experience in public policy advocacy.

Once the Memorandum of Information is submitted, the AALEP Secretariat solicits recommendations and schedules a personal interview with a current Public Policy Advocate.

Invitations to membership are typically made every quarter.

AALEP Membership Policies

Membership is granted on an individual basis; there are no corporate memberships. Each prospective member is admitted solely on his or her own merits
Membership is non-transferrable
• Members may not send alternates to functions
• Members may invite guests to functions providing
  a) the guest meets the criteria for membership set forth above; and
  b) there is enough space
• All members are entitled to fully participate in AALEP meetings, discussions and activities
• All ideas and information exchanged is public. No confidential disclosures are to be made.

Maintenance and Termination of Membership

• All members are expected to pay their annual dues in a timely manner, upon receiving invoices. Memberships are terminated when members fail to pay annual dues
• Membership will be terminated if a member flagrantly violates policies surrounding membership or membership conduct
• Membership will be terminated is a member changes position and is no longer involved in public policy advocacy activities
• Once membership has been terminated pursuant to any of the reasons outlined herein, the individual must reapply for membership. His or her application will then be reviewed in accordance with their current position and status in the industry.

Membership Application

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