The Organization

AALEP was established as a non-profit international association (AISBL), under Belgian law to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, concerns and experiences among senior executives who are involved in public policy advocacy activities.

AALEP’s aim is to become an exclusive European Fellowship of top public policy advocates that offer superior educational events and networking opportunities. The purpose of the organization is to serve as an information resource and to provide its members with opportunities for professional development, knowledge sharing, and networking, all grounded in a culture of camaraderie. Our institutional quality programmes are presented in a social environment where our members can share experiences and knowledge with their peers. Our events encourage members to broaden horizons and develop personal relationships that further their success within the industry.

AALEP is a membership organization established exclusively for public policy advocates who provide intelligent, unbiased, and trusted advice for a client or employer.

AALEP members are linked to one another by their commitment to integrity, competence,  trust, and service; and they adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice.

Membership in the organization is awarded by invitation only through peer, employer and client review. To be considered for membership, applicants demonstrate that:

  • They provide valuable and meaningful public policy advocacy services to their clients or employer
  • They hold a senior position in a firm
  • They are recognized for their excellence, knowledge, integrity, and judgment
  • They have at least 5 years of experience in public policy advocacy
  • They meet all other basic membership guidelines.

Potential members must demonstrate the requisite experience, competence and ethics and have a desire to utilize their skills in a manner that will improve the profession.

The reason behind the seniority requirement is that junior public policy advocates are not generally engaged in the same activities as are the more senior members. And, these more junior individuals are eligible for other organizations more suited to the younger, less experienced professionals. Finally, potential members must have a solid reputation in the industry for dealing in good faith and maintaining the highest standards of conduct.

AALEP has an Advisory Committee and a special provision for Affiliate Membership, which may include a few select individuals and Sponsors who do not meet all membership criteria. These individuals who are accepted as Affiliate Members provide insight, guidance and financial and/or human resources to AALEP and assist in the maintenance and funding of operations and the development of high calibre events.

Sponsors are selected on an ad-hoc basis and can be companies of qualified AALEP members, or third-party providers to the industry. In the case of vendors acting as sponsors, the intent is to allow our sponsors to build strong friendships with our membership, without the hard sell present in other organizations. Every effort is made to choose sponsors who will enhance the AALEP members’ experience and to avoid duplication of the same Sponsor’s type of company.