AALEP is dedicated to

a. to promote and protect the public interest by governing and regulating the practice of GR professionals members of the Association including

  1. Establishing, maintaining, developing and enforcing standards of qualifications,
  2. Establishing, maintaining, developing and enforcing standards of practice,
  3. Establishing, maintaining, developing, and enforcing standards of professional ethics
  4. Establishing, maintaining, developing and enforcing standards of knowledge, skill and proficiency
  5. Regulating the practice, competence and professional conduct of members of the Association and firmsto promote and increase the knowledge, skill and proficiency of members of the Association, firms and students 

b. to promote and protect the welfare and interests of the Association and of the government relations profession

c. to promote inter-professional collaboration with other professional bodies

d. to provide for the development or approval of continuing education and professional development programmes for members of the Association and requiring members to success-fully complete or participate in such programmes, and the provision of professional development and related services to members and to non-members.

e. To address other matter that relates to the regulation of its members that the Board considers appropriate


Standard: A standard is an authoritative statement that sets out the professional basis of GR practice. Standards represent performance criteria for GR professionals and can interpret the GR’s scope of practice. Standards can be used to stimulate peer feedback, encourage research to validate practice and generate research questions that lead to improvement in GR services . Finally, standards aid in developing a better understanding and respect for the various and complementary roles that GR professionals have.

Standards of Practice: Mandatory standards that all members must follow.

Code of ethics: Sets out the principles that guide member conduct.

Rules of professional conduct: Define member behaviours, that are specifically prescribed or proscribed. Set out the duties of GR toward employer or clients, employees, other professionals, the profession, and the public.  

Practice Guidelines: Recommended or suggested practices that members are expected to consider but may not follow depending on the circumstances.


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