Without a permanent office in Brussels, Australian companies and associations have their activities limited to bilateral dialogue mechanisms, or joint participation with larger corporate entities.

AALEP proposes the formation of an Australian Industries Alliance-EU (AIA-EU)- an independent non-profit organization,initially housed at AALEP headquarters dedicated to representing the Australian private sector in Brussels. Membership would be open to Australian  companies with interest in the EU and the Australian marketplace. Non-member institutions, such as non-governmental organizations, research institutes and bi-national organizations would be entitled to participate in AIA-EU activities by invitation.

The AIA-EU mission would be to defend member interests before the EU institutions in Brussels and at Member State level.  AIA-EU task would be to promote a strategic partnership between Australia and the EU through deeper economic and political ties that strengthen and further the competitive advantages of Australian enterprises. AIA-EU would be a pivotal tool to build on a positive agenda that leads to expansion of trade and investment flows between the two sides.

Australia and the EU share a broad range of opportunities that can be further developed by the Australian private sector. The political momentum (with a new EU landscape- European Commission, Council, European Parliament) is propitious to advance a strong trade and investment agenda and collaboration on key issues. AIA-EU would serve as a strategic link in Europe, representing the Australian private sector, promoting mutual knowledge, identifying opportunities, and enabling partnerships.

AIA-EU would provide CEO and executives of Australian companies a forum to continually monitor EU market strategies as conditions change. AIA-EU would also act on behalf of its members to influence EU policies that negatively impact their business in the EU.

For Australian companies looking to raise their profile and grow their business- within Australia and the EU, the Australian Industries Alliance-EU (AIA-EU) would leverage relationships with major industry players and EU institutions to assist in strategic planning and in partner searches. Australian members would benefit from an unparalleled forum for visibility and networking, thereby demonstrating their commitment to open and transparent commercial activities.

AIA-EU Working Groups e.g. Energy and Environment, Capital Markets and Financial Systems, Competitiveness, Economic Development, Infrastructure, Intellectual Property, Research and output of these activities would provide an excellent opportunity to access high level EU and Australian government officials and work with the leading business organizations in different sectors. In addition, members would have access to the latest legislative developments and events on the EU-Australia relationship.

AIA-EU would provide exclusive services e.g.  Permanent representation in Brussels; Advocacy in EU and Australia, Influencing legislation /lobbying, Exclusive access to information services for members, Assistance with sector studies about opportunities, Business Advisory Services, Government Relations, Meetings and Conferences, Market Intelligence Services, Dispute Resolution.

Targeted Members would be key Australian Associations such as the Australian Federation of Employers and Industries, Australian Mines and Metals Association, National Banking Industry Association, Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association, Austrade etc. as well as major Australian companies in banking, mining, financial and diversified sectors that represent the very strengths of the Australian economic landscape.

In short, AIA-EU would bring together the bilateral private sector with high level public and private officials from both sides. AIA-EU would stimulate greater awareness on common issues of interest, and ensure the presence and access of the Australian private sector within the EU while continually building and maintaining key relationships and promoting awareness of Australia and its enterprises within the EU institutions.



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