The AdvocacyCenter-Brussels has just been officially opened. The vision is to create a 'Lobbyists' House' in Brussels where lobbyists' professional groups, consultancies and national lobbyists' organisations are represented. One of the key benefits of the AdvocacyCenter-Brussels is that it will provide opportunities for sharing of experience, foster new ideas and the possible development of collaborative arrangements among subscribers. Located within a walking distance to the EU institutions in a beautiful building, the aim of the AdvocacyCenter-Brussels is to offer business mailing address services to associations of lobbyists in EU member states, professionals and consultancies involved in advocacy and lobbying throughout the EU and beyond and to academic institutions. Ensuring a permanent presence in the Brussels marketplace characterizes the approach of your organisation and the spread of your activities on the European and even international level. Local representation in Brussels and the ensuing possibility for direct contacts with your interlocutors guarantees a 'visible presence' on the European market place. Providing you a business mailing address for your head office is one of the AdvocacyCenter-Brussels essential services. It enables you to launch your company in Brussels without any financial and administrative constraints. With a business mailing address in the capital of Europe, you give your company a professional and reliable image without having to invest in expensive office space. AdvocacyCenter-Brussels will receive your mail and sort it. The AdvocacyCenter-Brussels will then process it according to your instructions, either storing it for your attention or forwarding it to a different address. Furthermore this practical solution gives you access to a range of services such as renting a fully equipped meeting room and offices, organising meetings or events, taling advantage of the various spaces of the beautiful building. For further information, please use AALEP Contact Form.    

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