European Union

  • Partially mandatory
  • Broad definition
  • The three main EU institutions have a different rule set. Only the European Commission and the European Parliament have consistent mandatory publication of interactions with lobbyists. The conditionality principle is also applied differeently: While the European Commission requires prior registration before any high-level meeting, the Parrliament requires prior registration for speaking at Committee hearings or participating in group activities. Some Permanent Representations of Member States publish and/or apply the conditionality principle on a voluntary basis.
  • Register of Lobbyists
  • Register Scope: Legislative and Executive
  • Register categories: Identification, category, targeted legislations or policies, publications, contributions to public consultations, participation in EU structures, persons involved, access badge holders, fields of interests, connected organizations, financial (either costs tied to lobbying, revenue generated for intermediaries or total budget for Civil Society Organizations-CSO's), sources of income, public funding received.
  • Key information provided
  • Public access to register
  • Code of Conduct

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