• Mandatory
  • Broad definition
  • Threshold sets out that only organizations with more than 10 employees or where one employee is communicating with public officials to influence decisions is covered by the definition of interactions published in the form of activities. Lobbyist information basic.
  • Register of lobbyists
  • Register scope: Legislative & Executive
  • Register category: identification, areas of activities, ID of responsible person
  • Limited information provided
  • Public access
  • Code of conduct
  • Independent authority overseeing lobby activities
  • Publication of interactions
  • Interaction scope: Legislative and Executive

Ireland needs to strengthen and digitalize the existing ethics framework on asset declarations and lobbying including the monitoring and enforcement capacity of the Standards in Public Office Commission. 


Already back in 2003 the Public Relations Institute of Ireland adopted a code of conduct for professional public affairs practitioners to adhere to when becoming members. However, only during 2014/2015 Ireland passed the Regulation of Lobbying Act. This legal act established a public web-based register for lobbyists where they are supposed to publicly provide information regarding their activities, namely, the identity of those communicating with designated public officials on policy decisions, legislative matters or prospective decisions. The regulation also provides for restrictions on taking certain kinds of employment by certain public officials and establishes a cooling-off period. The Public Office Standards Commission oversees the implementation of the registry, monitors compliance, offers guidance and assistance and, if needed, investigates violations of the legal requirements, being able to apply sanctions or even to move court proceedings in more serious cases of violations.



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