• Partially mandatory
  • Narrow definition
  • The register only contains 85 lobbyists, all private consultants. The register of lobby contacts covers the full range of lobbyists. No information is available for non-professional lobbyists apart from organization name.
  • Register scope: Legislative & Executive
  • Register categories: Name of professional lobbyist, areas of lobbying, contact details.
  • Limited information provided
  • Public access
  • Code of Conduct
  • Independent authority overseeing activities

Lobbying reports to the Commission for the prevention of corruption have improved, but there are issues with the interpretation of the rules.


Lobbying activity is included in the Integrity and Prevention of Corruption Act of 2010. Lobbying is defined as the work of those who are engaged on behalf of interest organizations in non-public influence on decisions of government bodies, the local authorities and holders of public powers in discussing and adopting regulations and other general documents as well as on decisions of government bodies, the local authorities and holders of public powers in matters other than those subject to judicial or administrative proceedings and procedures carried out in line with regulations governing public procurement and other procedure deciding on rights and obligations of individuals. Lobbying means any non-public contact of a lobbyist with lobbied persons that has the aim to influence the contents or procedure concerning the adoption of the decisions referred to above. Lobbyists must register in a public database under the supervision of the Anti-Corruption Commission, an independent state body with a mandate in the field of preventing and investigating corruption, breaches of ethics and integrity of the public office. In the case of Slovenia, the regulation of lobbying activities also encouraged the formation of the Slovenian Association of Lobbyists, established in 2010, which created an Ethical Code that was made obligatory for all members in 2011.

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