The job of a Public Policy Advocate is the ability to influence others. The fundamental for persuading others is trust. To persuade others in an ethical manner, Public Policy Advocates use these principles:

  1. People trust what they know and understand so Public Policy Advocates ensure they frequently interact with those they need to influence.
  2. People will be stirred to action when they know there is a limited amount of time in which to act to receive a benefit.
  3. People will pin a negative label on commentators who attempt to make disclaimers about what they are not.
  4. People trust information that comes from someone they perceive as an authority. It is important for a Public Policy Advocate to develop a reputation as an expert. Of all the influence tactics, a Public Policy Advocate must use rationale facts and explanations. Public Policy Advocates who possess expert knowledge in a given field and who continually build that knowledge base are in a position to convert successful attempts into sustained power. Enhancing expert-based power involves publicizing one's expertise as well as acquiring it.
  5. People accept facts and evidence that is corroborated by outside parties.
  6. People more easily trust those they like and base decisions on emotional responses to others.
  7. People are more likely to respond if they feel they are returning a favour.
  8. People tend to consider information more trustworthy and credible if it has been presented in a sensory experiential manner.
  9. People find presenters more ethical and credible if they present both sides of an argument while showing validity and benefit of accepting one particular side.
  10. People are more persuaded by communicators who can express passion about their message.

Public Policy Advocates who desire to become influential must strike a reasonable balance in the investment of their time. It is important to choose the correct combination of influence tactics and Public Policy Advocates must choose carefully on the basis of influence targets chosen and objectives sought. Communicating influence tactics effectively help ensure the success of tactics.

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