Supporting HEALTH 

1.  Invest in climate-resilient health systems

  • Develop a national health and climate change plan based on a sound understanding of the climate vulnerabilities of health systems.
  • Integrate health into all hazards multisectoral policy and planning for disaster preparedness and response.
  • Value health gains from carbon mitigation and adaptation policies, fossil-fuel subsidy reform and carbon pricing.

2. Develop multi-sectoral all-hazard plans

  • Integrate risk reduction and early-warning/response systems for health emergencies, ensuring integration into national action plans
  • Develop heat-action plans that provide early alerts combined with emergency public health measures to reduce heat-related mobidity and mortality

3. Invest in climate-resilient food systems for healthy diets

  • Enable and incentivise shifts towards sustainable food supply chains and more nutritious crop and food choices which deliver on both climate & environment and health & nutrition outcomes. 

4. Guide a rapid transition to clean renewable energy to save lives from air pollution, particularly from coal combustion, ensure energy security for healthcare facilities and decrease energy poverty.

5. Promote sustainable healthy urban transport systems including active and public transport and in rapid phase out of petrol and diesel engines.

6. Secure greater share of climate funding

  • Currently, only 0.5% of multilateral climate finance is allocated to health projects.
  • Significant investment is needed to develop early-warning systems, build adaptive capacity in health and food systems, provide water, decent sanitation and good hygiene, progress climate-health research, and support mental health.


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