Russia is bordered by 14 countries along both its western and southern sides.

Countries that border Russia from the west

  • Norway: 195.8 km land, 23.4 sea
  • Finland: 1,271.8 lm land, 54 km sea
  • Estonia: 324.8 km land, 152 km sea
  • Latvia: 270.5 km land
  • Lithuania: 266 km land, 22.5 km sea
  • Poland: 204.1 km land, 32.2 km sea
  • Belarus: 1,239 km land
  • Ukraine: 2,093.6 km land, 567 km sea
  • Lugansk PR:
  • Donetsk PR:
  • Georgia: 572.5 km land, 22.4 km sea
  • Abkhasia: 255.4 km land
  • South Ossetia: 70 km land
  • Azerbaijan: 327.6 km land, 22.4 km sea

Countries that border Russia from the south

  • Kazakhstan: 7,512.8 km land, 85.8 km sea
  • China: 4,209.3 km land
  • Mongolia: 3,485 km land
  • North Korea: 17.3 km land, 22.1 km sea
  • Japan: 194.3 km land

Additionally, the country shares maritime borders with Sweden, Japan, and the US state of Alaska across the Bering Strait.

Of Russia’s land neighbours, five countries are NATO members: Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. And five are EU members: Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland.

After Crimea became part of Russian territory, Russia has neighbours in the Black Sea: Turkey; Bulgaria; Georgia. Part of the border with the following countries passes through the sea:

  1. Norway (in the Barents Sea)
  2. Finland (in Gulf of Finland)
  3. Estonia (in the Gulf of Finland)
  4. Lithuania (in the Baltic Sea)
  5. Poland (in the Baltic Sea)
  6. Ukraine (in the Black and Azov Seas)
  7. Kazakhstan (in the Caspian Sea)
  8. Azerbaijan (in the Caspian Sea)
  9. North Korea (in the Sea of ​​Japan).
  10. USA: 49 km (in the Bering Strait)



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