After the annexation of Crimea, the peninsula's prized resources were identified and distributed among Russian oligarchs with connections to the Russian President, handing out everything from wine vineyards to hockey clubs to steelworks. Nationalization began in Crimea immediately after the annexation. Ukrainian state property became Russian, or rather Crimean, according to a resolution entitled “On the issues of managing the property of the Republic of Crimea.” The list of what was taken over is still growing. It includes thousands of businesses, apartments and land plots. The actual owners received no compensation, and any attempts to file lawsuits in Russia were in vain. In Crimea, the courts did not accept a single document on the right of ownership from people. Part of the seized property was put up for privatization. Between 2014 and 2022, there were 967 tenders in Crimea. More than €350 million worth of property (the total starting value) was sold there.

  1. Massandra production and agricultural association (5.3 billion rubles). In addition to production facilities, Massandra owns about 10,000 hectares of land and the world's largest collection of wines, listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The Crimean authorities put Massandra up for auction for only €64 million, while the value of its vineyards alone was estimated at billions of euros.
  2. Novy Svet champagne wine factory (1.5 billion rubles)
  3. Wisteria state dacha (1.2 billion rubles and 98 million rubles). Wisteria is a complex that was once a top summer destination for Kremlin officials.
  4. Dolphin boarding house (76 million rubles)
  5. Crimea-Vino company (42 million rubles)
  6. Simferopol International Airport
  7. Belbek airport in Sevastopol
  8. Krymtelecom company (1 billion rubles). 105,000 square meters of  premises and 22 hectares of land.
  9. Dyulber health resort (0.7 billion rubles)
  10. Zhemchuzhina health resort (0.5 billion rubles)
  11. Krymtekhnologii company (0.5 billion rubles). 78,000 square meters of premises and 20 heactares of land
  12. Ai-Petri health resort (0.4 billion rubles)
  13. Miskhor health resort (0.4 billion rubles)
  14. Fortuna health resort (0.2 billion rubles)
  15. Yakov Zhukovsky’s dacha, Novy Kuchuk-Koy (2 billion rubles and 0.7 billion rubles)
  16. Foros health resort (1.4 billion rubles)
  17. Kerch Metallurgical Plant (0.7 billion rubles)
  18. Marine oil terminal (0.7 billion rubles)
  19. Hotel with apartments (0.3 billion rubles)
  20. Krasniy Mayak health resort (0.2 billion rubles)
  21. Yakor boarding house (59 million rubles)
  22. Campsite (14 million rubles)
  23. Livadia health resort (0.5 billion ruble)
  24. Zori Rossii health resort (0.5 billion rubles)
  25. Kastropol boarding house (73 million rubles)
  26. Hostels (56 million rubles)
  27. Industrial buildings (46 million rubles)
  28. Administrative building in Simferopol (32 million rubles)
  29. Non-residential buildings (30 million rubles)
  30. Warehouses, a workshop (22 million rubles).


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