1. Russia (Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation; Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation; Presidential Envoy for the Protection of Entrepreneur's Rights; Committee of the State Duma for Security and Combating Corruption).
  2. Ukraine (National Anti-Corruption Bureau; National Agency on Corruption Prevention; National Police of Ukraine).
  3. Bosnia & Herzegovina (Agency for the Prevention of Corruption and Coordination of the Fight Against Corruption).
  4. Serbia (Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Serbia; Ministry of Interior).
  5. Albania (Prime Minister's Office; Ministry of Justice; Prosecutor's Office; Public Procurement Agency; Service for Internal Affairs and Complaints).
  6. North Macedonia (State Commission for Prevention of Corruption, Ministry of Interior).
  7. Kosovo (Agency for the Prevention of Corruption)
  8. Hungary (Customs & Finance Guards; Protective Service of Law Enforcement Agencies;
  9. Bulgaria (The Committee for Anti-Corruption and Illegal Assets Forfeiture of the Republic of Bulgaria; Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Bulgaria).
  10. Montenegro (Agency for Prevention of Corruption APC).

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