Source: Euro-Med Rights Monitor

Israel has imposed a complete closure on the Gaza Strip, which covers an area of approximately 365 square kilometers and is inhabited by around 2.3 million civilians.

  1. Electricity, water, food, fuel and medical supplies cut off
  2. 4,127 Palestinians killed (60% civilians, including 1,661 children Oct. 20
  3. 13,162 have been injured 
  4. At least 97 industrial facilities destroyed Oct. 10
  5. 1,690 residential buildings destroyed and significant damage to approximately 14,200 other buildings Oct. 10
  6. 45 government offices destroyed
  7. 69 schools and 30 kindergardesn destroyed
  8. Fourteen water and sanitation stations have been severely damaged affecting services for nearly half a million people October 10
  9. About 40 media and press institutions have been damaged or completely destroyed Oct. 10
  10. 12 mosques demolished, and damages to ancient churches
  11. Seven hospitals and health centers were targeted causing direct damage to large parts of the facilities, and forcing the evacuation of Beit Hanoun Hospital—the only hospital in the city of Beit Hanoun following repeated targeting of the building’s vicinity, which made it impossible for medical staff to enter or leave safely and damaged various sections within. Oct. 10
  12. 3,500 airstrikes have targeted targeting residential neighbourhoods and multi-story buildings inhabited by civilians in the Gaza Strip.
  13. Due to Israel’s consecutive attacks on neighbourhoods, nearly 418,000 people have been displaced. Nearly 137,500 of those displaced are taking refuge in 83   United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) school facilities.
  14. About 14 UN facilities as a result of Israeli airstrikes have been hit, including the direct targeting of a UNRWA school housing hundreds of displaced individuals. Oct. 10
  15. Direct and severe attacks on universities, mosques, markets, banks, telecommunications companies, residential towers, and other civilian infrastructure.
  16. Gaza’s sole power plant and only supplier of power has 300,000 liters of fuel stocks left and they would run out within 10 to 12 hours.  Oct. 10
  17. The fuel stocks operating the generators of hospitals in the Gaza Strip are running put worsening the conditions in the already crowded facilities.
  18. The situation in Gaza is catastrophic; the hospitals are overwhelmed. The number of wounded is extremely high — there is a constant influx into all the hospitals in the Gaza Strip. The medical teams are exhausted, working around the clock to treat the wounded.”

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