1. Germany would be the father and head of the family everyone has to listen if you don't act as he wants you get punished. On the other side, he actually wants the best for everyone.
  2. France is the mother, she married Germany for his money, favors some of her children but in the end, follows her husband.
  3. Ireland is an aunt who tries to convince everyone she has nothing to do with the UK.
  4. Poland and Hungary are distant relatives who have some shady business and don't play fair at card games but still manage to be tolerated in the family.
  5. Belgium is a son who tries to hold the family together but has to deal with an identity disorder.
  6. The Netherlands is a rebelling daughter who thinks she knows how to deal with things herself.
  7. Denmark is an uncle who thinks he’s better than everyone else because he is the most educated and has the best job.
  8. Sweden is a cousin who plays in a metal band but never touches drugs.
  9. Austria is a niece who thinks she's so beautiful but never could marry and has a history of incest with the whole Balkan.
  10. The Baltic States are triplets who were disowned by their father Russia, they are adopted by Germany and France.
  11. Italy is the old grandfather who is fed up with its son Germany telling him what to do.
  12. Greece is the demented, once wise, grandmother, who is miraculously still alive.
  13. Spain is a cousin who has a hypochondriacal disease, he thinks he has lepra and thus every moment can lose a leg. The other members try to convince him otherwise.
  14. Portugal is a cousin who is too fast mistaken for a stranger as he looks a lot like Brazil.
  15. Finland is a weird alcoholic uncle but still gets his business done.
  16. Romania is a cousin with huge debts, he will fix everything for a small price.
  17. Croatia and Slovenia are two cousins who own a big mansion together by the sea, everyone likes to go there on holiday.
  18. Bulgaria is an old uncle who disputes that the mansion of Croatia and Slovenia is more beautiful than his, but everyone is too afraid to go there because Turkey could be there at any moment.
  19. The Czech Republic is a son who claims to have invented beer, that’s why he is in conflict with Belgium and Germany who say otherwise.
  20. Slovakia is a daughter who has the closest band with Poland and Hungary for one reason or another.
  21. Luxemburg is the youngest son who doesn’t understand why everyone is fighting and arguing.


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