1. Passed the $ 1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package t increase investment in the national network of bridges and roads, airports, public transport, electric vehicles, low emission public and low emission public transportation, power infrastructure, and clean water.
  2. Helped get more than 500 million life-saving COVID-19 vaccinations in the arms of Americans through the American Rescue Plan. President Biden fought for and signed the American Rescue Plan which protected workers’ pensions, provided funding to communities and businesses devastated by COVID-19, lowered or eliminated insurance premiums for millions of lower- and middle-income families, provided funds for affordable housing, provided money for public safety and crime reduction, provided support to small business, expanded food assistance programs in homes and schools, expanded child care programs, invested in mental health and health care centers, added $40 billion for investing in American workers, provided funding to the economies of tribal nations, and supported families with children. Child poverty has already been cut in half as a result of his efforts.
  3. Stopped a 30-year streak of federal inaction on gun violence by signing the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act that created enhanced background checks, closed the “boyfriend” loophole, and provided funds for youth mental health. The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act provides incentives for states to pass red flag laws, expands the law that prevents people convicted of domestic abuse from gun ownership, expands background checks on young people between 18 and 21 who want to buy a gun, and allocates funds for the mental health of young people.
  4. Made a $369 billion investment in climate change, the largest in American history, through the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. The goal is to reduce greenhouse emissions by 40% in the next seven years and promote clean energy technologies, moving the country to greater self-sufficiency in energy production.
  5. Ended the longest war in American history by pulling the troops out of Afghanistan. Over 120,000 people were safely evacuated, double the number calculated by the most optimistic experts.
  6. Provided $10,000 to $20,000 in college debt relief to Americans with loans who make under $125,000 a year. This was struck down by the Supreme Court, however, the administration has announced a new plan to forgive billions in loans that were qualified under special programs but not done due to DOE mismanagement in previous years. 
  7. Cut child poverty in half through the American Rescue Plan. 
  8. Capped prescription drug prices at $2,000 per year for seniors on Medicare through the Inflation Reduction Act. The Inflation Reduction Act, makes health insurance plans more affordable, lowers drug costs, prevents millions of Americans from losing their Affordable Care Act insurance, and requires Medicare to negotiate the cost of 10 high-cost prescription drugs.
  9. Passed the COVID-19 relief deal that provided payments of up to $1,400 to many struggling U.S. citizens while supporting renters and increasing unemployment benefits. 
  10. Achieved historically low unemployment rates after the pandemic caused them to skyrocket. 
  11. Imposed a 15% minimum corporate tax on some of the largest corporations in the country, ensuring that they pay their fair share, as part of the historic Inflation Reduction Act.
  12. Recommitted America to the global fight against climate change by rejoining the Paris Agreement. 
  13. Strengthened the NATO alliance in support of Ukraine after the Russian invasion by endorsing the inclusion of world military powers Sweden and Finland. He successfully led the free world by lobbying NATO and other allies to add their financial and military support.
  14. Authorized the assassination of the Al Qaeda terrorist Ayman al-Zawahiri, who became head of the organization after the death of Osama bin Laden. 
  15. Gave Medicare the power to negotiate prescription drug prices through the Inflation Reduction Act while also reducing government health spending.
  16. Held Vladimir Putin accountable for his invasion of Ukraine by imposing stiff economic sanctions. 
  17. Boosted the budget of the Internal Revenue Service by nearly $80 billion to reduce tax evasion and increase revenue. 
  18. He brought the unemployment rate down to 3.8%. Biden’s administration has added 13.2 million jobs since he came into office, replacing all of the jobs that were lost at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. Today there are more people in America working today than ever before!
  19. Reduced healthcare premiums under the Affordable Care Act by $800 a year as part of the American Rescue Plan. 
  20. Signed the PACT Act to address service members’ exposure to burn pits and other toxins. 
  21. Signed the CHIPS and Science Act providing funding to produce semiconductor chips for automobiles, cellphones, laptops, gaming consoles, washing machines, etc. here in the Unites States rather than continuing to rely on China.
  22. Reestablishment of respect among US allies on the world stage. Reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act through 2027, the Respect for Marriage Act, pardoning those convicted of simple marijuana possession, appointing Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson (the first Black woman on the Supreme Court), forgiving certain student loans, and electoral reforms to ensure that election results are not undermined.
  23. Halted all federal executions after the previous administration reinstated them after a 17-year freeze 
  24. He signed the Postal Service Reform Act to modernize and stabilize the U.S. Post Office and also to help it continue to deliver mail six days every week, focusing on on-time delivery.
  25. He instituted an executive order raising standards for law enforcement agencies, with particular emphasis on use-of-force policies, availability of body cameras, and recruitment and retention of officers.

Summary of Legislative Accomplishments

Below is a rundown of some of Biden’s policy achievements, as well as executive actions he’s been able to do on his own.

  1. American Rescue Plan: The $ 1.9 trillion bill contained significant Covid-19 relief as the administration sought to combat the pandemic in 2021. It included $1,400 stimulus checks for most Americans, an expanded child tax credit that had a notable impact on child poverty rates, enhanced unemployment insurance, and state and local aid. 
  2. Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill: The $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill was a historic investment in the country’s infrastructure, including new funding for water pipes, trains, roads, and high-speed internet.
  3. Inflation Reduction Act: The Inflation Reduction Act contained $485 billion in spending and $790 billion in offsets that would cover that spending. The legislation includes a substantial investment in clean energy tax credits, as well as a new policy that enables Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices with the goal of lowering the costs of a handful of expensive drugs.
  4. CHIPS Act: The $ 52 billion CHIPS Act is dedicated to bolstering US semiconductor manufacturing, and contains measures to subsidize or expand new facilities.
  5. Gun safety: This bipartisan bill fell short of more ambitious reforms, like an assault weapons ban, but it included funding for states to implement “red flag” laws, more screening for gun buyers under 21, and a crackdown on illegal guns.
  6. Respect for Marriage Act:  The Respect for Marriage Act officially repealed the Defense of Marriage Act and guarantees that all states will recognize same-sex marriages, providing important federal protections if the Obergefell ruling were overturned.
  7. Electoral Count Reform Act: The ECRA specifies the vice president’s role in the counting of electoral votes, and makes it harder for lawmakers to challenge the outcome of a presidential election, in an effort to prevent a repeat of the January 6 riot.
  8. Judges: As of the start of 2023, Biden had confirmed 100 judges including 30 circuit court nominees, 69 district court judges, and one Supreme Court justice. That surpasses Trump’s record at the same point in his presidency, though he’ll have to keep up the pace to surpass Trump’s four-year record.
  9. Executive actions: Biden has pardoned thousands of people convicted of marijuana possession under federal law, and taken a number of executive actions. These actions include a rollback of Trump policies like the travel ban, limited efforts to strengthen background checks for guns, and an attempt to cancel some student loan debt, which has been challenged in court.

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