COVID 19 has led to a significant surge in health sector lobbying activity, especially within the pharmaceutical industry. Four segments—pharmaceutical , hospital , health insurance , and professional services accounted for 70.7% of the lobbying expenditures in the health sector. For COVID-19 lobbying, these segments accounted for 64.2% (26.4% for pharmaceutical, 13.4% for hospitals, 12.0% for health insurance and 12.4% for professional services. Across all segments of health sector lobbying, the biggest lobbying increases came from the pharmaceutical industry. Indeed, 16 of the top 30 healthcare organizations in lobbyist expenditures were pharmaceuticals.

  1. PhRMA (Pharmaceutical)
  2. American Medical Association (Professional Services)
  3. American Hospital Association (Hospital)
  4. Blue Cross Blue Shield Companies (Health Insurance)
  5. Pfizer Inc. (Pharmaceutical)
  6. Americas Health Insurance Plans (Health Insurance)
  7. CVS Corporation (Pharmacy)
  8. Amgen Inc. (Pharmaceutical)
  9. Novartis International (Pharmaceutical)
  10. Genentech, Inc. (Pharmaceutical)
  11. Biotechnology Innovation Organization (Pharmaceutical-
  12. AbbVie Inc. (Pharmaceutical)
  13. Gilead Sciences Inc. (Pharmaceutical)
  14. Air Medical Group Holdings (Ambulance)
  15. Merck & Co, Inc. (Pharmaceutical)
  16. Aflac Inc. (Health Insurance)
  17. Bayer Corporation (Pharmaceutical)
  18. GE Healthcare (Medical Devices)
  19. AdvaMed (Medical Devices)
  20. Sanofi S.A. (Pharmaceutical)
  21. Johnson and Johnson (Medical Devices)
  22. UnitedHealth Group Incorporated (Health Insurance)
  23. Horizon Therapeutics PLC (Pharmaceutical)
  24. Fresenius Medical Care (Dialysis)
  25. AstraZeneca plc (Pharmaceutical-
  26. Davita Inc. (Dialysis)
  27. Eli Lilly and Company (Pharmaceutical)
  28. Alkermes plc (Pharmaceutical)
  29. Biogen Inc. (Pharmaceutical)
  30. Walgreens Company (Pharmacy)

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