Russia takes action:

1. Fruits and Vegetables

Ban on Fruits on most fruit and vegetable imports from Poland and may extend the restrictions to the rest of the EU for fruits that includes seeds and pits. Russia buys more than € 2 billion worth of EU fruit and vegetables a year, making it the biggest export market for the products. According to European Commission figures, the EU sold Russia €1.2 billion worth of fruit and €886 million worth of vegetables in 2011, accounting for 28 per cent of the bloc’s exports of fruit and 21.5 per cent of its vegetables. For some EU countries, including Poland, the percentages are even higher (60 to 70% of Polish exports were to Russia).

2. McDonald

Mc Donald will be subject to investigation with regard to cheese safety

3. U.S. Poultry

Russia may ban imports of chicken from the U.S. Russia was the second-largest market, after Mexico, for U.S. chicken last year, according to the USA Poultry & Egg Export Council. The U.S. exported about $309 million worth of broiler chickens to Russia last year, according to the Council. Russia will begin a risk assessment of U.S. poultry imports this week due to an outbreak of salmonella earlier this year and may ban the goods in the coming weeks. Russia has already imposed restrictions on U.S. dairy products, beef and pork, and it bans the import and sale of some frozen poultry from the U.S. used in baby food according to a March report from the USTR.

4. Accounting and Consulting Firms

Russia is considering legislation to target companies in nations that impose sanctions against Russian citizens or businesses. The proposal would bar audit and consulting firms from nations defined as "country-aggressor" from working in Russia. If enacted, the law would cover Deloitte, KPMG, Ernst & Young LLP, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Boston Consulting Group Inc. and McKinsey & Co., These are companies viewed as  having sensitive positions in terms of Russia’s sovereignty and economic security.

5. U.S. Media Firms

After Accounting and Consulting Firms, U.S. media companies will be next.

6. France

If France fails to deliver ships, Russia will build them itself.

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